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ROTBLOC Wood Utility Pole Wrap is made using a thick, high-grade material to withstand the back fill

process of the utility industry. Our utility pole wraps help protect wood utility poles from wood rot maximizing the service life of wood posts in the ground.


ROTBLOC Wood Utility Pole Wrap is made from 100% recycled material, sourced in The Pacific Northwest. Tested and proven in field studies managed by OSU Wood Science and Research. Protected from UV and environmental pressures. 


30 IN. X 80 FT. Commercial Roll

The depth of protection is utilized for complete full coverage of typical anchor poles or untreated wood


​Rests 24 in. below the ground-line.

ROTBLOC Utility Pole Wrap High-Grade Commercial Roll 30 In. X 80 Ft.

  • 1. Measure the circumference of your post. Add 2 inches for the overlap.

    2. Cut using a utility knife.

    3. Wrap ROTBLOC around your pole and position with two inches of ROTBLOC visibleabove your ground-line.

    **Note: if you are hilling - install ROTBLOC higher on the pole to account for this agricultural practice.

    4. Wrap as tightly as possible to engage the adaptive seal at the top.

    5. Use a hammer-tacker or a heavy-duty stapler with 1/2”staple. Staple near the edge, & down to the seam, securing ROTBLOC as tightly as possible to the bottom of the seam.

    **Note: smaller staples do not work as well.

  • How to install ROTBLOC Wood Utility Pole Wrap with a post-pounder:

    1. Add extra staples around the bottom edge of ROTBLOC.

    Alternatively, some post-pounders leave a large enough gap in the ground around the post after the post has been installed. Wrap ROTBLOC around the post and slide it down into the hole. Simply overlap, a staple at the top, and tamp in your dirt to fill in the hole, and you are finished!

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