13.5 in. X 180 ft.

• Rests 11 in. below your ground-line.


• Ideal for posts and poles with a stable ground-line:

vineyard posts, ranch fencing and center line orchard and hop trellis poles. 

• Wraps approximately 127 poles, that are 5 in.
diameter at your ground-line.

• Please refer to our distributor list or contact us directly for pricing per roll, or per pallet to be drop shipped.


800-906-6984  |  Bend, Oregon

Rotbloc in Bend, Oregon protects wood from rot. Made from 100% recycled material, sourced in the Pacific Northwest. Tested and proven in field studies managed by OSU Wood Science and Research. Protected from UV and environmental pressures. Maximize service life of wood posts in the ground. 

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