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ROTBLOC LLC was founded by Kenneth Carhart. He invented and designed ROTBLOC products gleaned from his 18 years of experience with agricultural wood products, BA in Landscape Architecture and extended work with Oregon State University. ROTBLOC's design objective was to improve the service-life of treated posts and poles without the use of stronger and harsher chemicals. He worked with Oregon State University on the products development. 


All of our products are made in the USA from 100% recycled material. All products are solely designed and manufactured in-house 100% by our employees in-house in Bend, Oregon. ROTBLOC products are patented and protected by #8887452.

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ROTBLOC is an inexpensive, non-toxic barrier wrap that can be applied to any round, square, uneven or flat wood unit to protect it from premature ground-line rot.

ROTBLOC products contain no additional chemicals or adhesives. A simple staple is all you need.  

The Adaptive Seal repels debris and water. This is an inward flange at the top of the product that is designed to maintain substantial contact with the wood even through inconsistencies in wood fiber.

Ground-Line Indicator indicates where ROTBLOC should rest, 2 inches above your ground-line.

Cut Guidelines measured every 2 in./5 cm. so you can count and cut easily with a utility knife.

Bi-Lingual: Instructions in English, Spanish, German and Italian.


Wood rots naturally at the ground-line due to the hundreds of billions of microorganisms (fungi and bacteria) within our soils that feed on your wood fibers. This abundance of life is fueled by oxygen, water, fiber, and the sun's rays that are absorbed within your topsoil. As a result, your wood posts will begin to rot at the groundline. Although ROTBLOC products do come in different shapes and sizes they are all focused on protecting this groundline area of the post/ pole. The main reason for this is that oxygen levels are plentiful at the groundline however they dramatically decline as you move deeper into the soil. Without oxygen these microorganisms that are responsible for the decay process can't survive. 


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ROTBLOC is a great solution to meeting organic grower's needs for an environmentally friendly, zero-waste solution. The key is to be educated about the wood species you are using, minimizing irrigation, know the pros and cons or your specific environmental conditions to prepare your wood poles for maximum success. 

Organic growers who have used ROTBLOC on their untreated wood poles have had success compared to the typical rot and decay seen as early as one year on an untreated pole without ROTBLOC. 


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