ROTBLOC Wood Utility Pole Wrap

All of our products are made in the USA from 100% recycled material. All products are solely designed and manufactured in-house 100% by our employees in-house in Bend, Oregon. 

Adaptive seal faces inward creating deflection of moisture and organic debris. Visibility of ROTBLOC above the ground line is critical! Using the ground-line indicator as to your resting point, set ROTBLOC 2 inches above the ground line.

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Utility Pole Wrap Integrated Features

  1. Adaptive seal faces inward creating deflection of moisture and organic debris.

  2. Adaptive seal is placed above the ground-line.

  3. Ground-line indicator. Set your pole using the ground-line indicator, leaving two inches of ROTBLOC visible above the ground.

  4. Instructions are printed in English, Spanish, German and Italian.

  5. 2-inch measurements are outlined on every roll for easy measuring and vertical cutting.

ROTBLOC Pre-measured Perforated Rolls

ROTBLOC will now offer standardized pre-measured perforated rolls for commercial distribution. These rolls are perforated to standard measurements that are widely used in commercial agriculture. This new feature eliminates having to measure and cut in the field, saving time and labor costs.

ROTBLOC For Organics

ROTBLOC was initially invented for chemically treated wood poles which are presently more vulnerable than even a decade ago with the legal limits of chemicals being reduced, and some chemicals even being banned in some states, such as Penta. After ROTBLOC was utilized for treated wood, it was then approved by the WSDA for organic use. ROTBLOC is approved and listed on the WSDA website under organic devices legal to use on organic farms and ranches. ROTBLOC has also been approved in Canada bypro-cert and pacs for organic applications. Untreated wood poles will not last as long compared to chemically treated poles. Rotbloc’s success on untreated poles is relative to the wood species, condition of the pole, your environment and how well you applied ROTBLOC to your pole.

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ROTBLOC Integrity Under Pressure

ROTBLOC is made from 100% recycled material sourced in the pacific northwest. ROTBLOC is 100% recyclable tested and proven in field studies initiated and managed by Oregon state university’s wood science and research department in Hilo, Hawaii. Every year for the past 6 years these tests have demonstrated that ROTBLOC has prevented the chemicals with conventionally treated wood from leaching into the surrounding soil, and has not broken down under extreme UVA and environmental pressures. ROTBLOC has successfully maximized the service life of the wood posts and units used in the study.

ROTBLOC For Organics

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ROTBLOC For Organics

ROTBLOC is a great solution to meeting organic growers' needs for an environmentally friendly, zero-waste solution. The key is to be educated about the wood species you are using, minimize irrigation, know the pros and cons of your specific environmental conditions to prepare your wood poles for maximum success. We encourage you to follow the keys to standards illustrated here. 


Organic growers who have used ROTBLOC on their untreated wood poles have had success compared to the typical rot and decay seen as early as one year on an untreated pole without ROTBLOC. So far we have seen poles last longer than 50%, but it is still relative to the attention you give your poles as we recommended above.Fungi and bacterial will break down your untreated wood. ROTBLOC is simply buying your poles more time. It is not a matter of if your poles will rot, it is a matter of when.