PROVOST FARMS in New Iberia, Louisiana are owned by June and Angela Provost who are award winning sugar cane farmers, activists and artists and can be found at

They have a compelling story, mission and artistic talent which we have utilized for out ROTBLOC UTILITY product marketing literature. 



PAUL WILSON, an independent, contracted
photographer whom we hired for his talent and skills shooting products in the studio product which we needed for the photos here for Home Depot and Parr Lumber, as well as his diverse experience in the field outdoors. We love hiring local business owners as he's a northwest native and we look forward to working with him again in the future.



800-906-6984  |  Bend, Oregon

Rotbloc in Bend, Oregon protects wood from rot. Made from 100% recycled material, sourced in the Pacific Northwest. Tested and proven in field studies managed by OSU Wood Science and Research. Protected from UV and environmental pressures. Maximize service life of wood posts in the ground. 

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