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• Rests 24 in. below your ground-line.

• Designed for chemically treated trellis anchor poles, or for organic growers with low rot resistant wood species.

• Please refer to our distributor list or contact us directly for pricing per roll, or per pallet to be drop shipped.


  • ROTBLOC is a great solution to meeting organic growers' needs for an environmentally friendly, zero-waste solution. The key is to be educated about the wood species you are using, minimize irrigation, know the pros and cons of your specific environmental conditions to prepare your wood poles for maximum success. We encourage you to follow the keys to standards illustrated here. Ex: untreated pine pole took out of the ground after 4 years that was covered with full coverage of ROTBLOC in an organic hop farm in Nevada. Photo: courtesy of the farm owner. Organic growers who have used ROTBLOC on their untreated wood poles have had success compared to the typical rot and decay seen as early as one year on an untreated pole without ROTBLOC. So far we have seen poles last longer than 50%, but it is still relative to the attention you give your poles as we recommended above.

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